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The new PRO Series is the result of a close collaboration between TEKOX and the electricians. The aim was to create a product adapted to their way of working.


  • Poles easily divided by hand. No tool required.
  • Burr – free sides.
  • Larger diameter of the embouchure hole.
  • Greater connecting capacity.
  • Two screws available for a reliable connection.
  • Greater safety. End cover to avoid risk of electrical shock.
  • Removable end cover for using both sides if necessary.

A larger diameter of the embouchure hole and a removable end cover, which minimize the risk of electrical shock, provide a greater safety to the electrical installation.

The product could also be used as a regular terminal strip by simply removing the end cover.

Round design. No cutting edges.

Easy – to – break. No tools required. Burr- free sides.


1 and 2 Larger diameter of the embouchure hole to connect a greater number of cables.

3 Removable end cover for using both sides, if necessary.

4 Nickel – plated inserts to avoid corrosion.

5 60% copper insert guarantees the quality of the connection.

6 Raised screws.

7 Captive screws.

8 Screw tip design to avoid any damage to cables.


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